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At McGuinness Opticians we strongly recommend that children have their eyes examined at least once every year. Our lead optometrist, Ciaran, has 3 young children and knows how to make the eye examination a fun experience and get them involved.


We offer free retinal photography to all children under 16 years old. Many children (and parents) enjoy the technology and particularly having the chance to see the inside of their own eyes.

  • How old does my child have to be to get their eyes tested?

    We advise children to have their eyes tested from around 3-4 years old. They do not have to read letters as our optometrists can tailor the examination to the age of your child. You may not be aware that your child needs an eye examination as eye problems can easily go undetected without an eye test. Our highly qualified optometrists have the specialist equipment & skills required to give us an accurate picture of your child’s ocular health and detect potential problems early on.

  • My child has already had their vision checked at school, do they still need an eye test?

    Some children receive vision screening in nursery or reception, however this does not check the health of their eyes so a comprehensive eye examination is strongly advised.

  • Choosing glasses for children

    If your child requires vision correction we have a large selection of frames which come in a wide variety of colours & styles which makes choosing glasses a fun experience.

    Some of our children’s frame brands include: Superman, Spiderman, Barbie, Peppa Pig, No Fear, Street, Halstrom and many more. Our experienced Dispensing Optician can help your child choose the perfect pair.


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