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Whether you’re new to contact lenses or already an experienced wearer, we’ll provide all the examinations and checks needed to maintain optimum eye health and suit your vision and lifestyle. We fit and supply a huge range of contact lenses from soft daily disposable & monthly lenses to RGP (gas permeable) lenses, plus we’re always on hand to give you advice on how to insert, remove and care for your lenses.

We have direct access to the latest contact lens materials & designs via the market leading suppliers (Alcon & Coopervision) who keep our optometrists informed of the latest technology in contact lens manufacturing. This ensures that we are providing our patients with the most appropriate lenses that help to maintain optimal eye health, optimal comfort and optimal vision.

You can purchase Contact lenses through our direct debit iComplete care plan or on a pay-as-you-go basis.

  • What if I have been told in the past that contact lenses are not suitable for my eyes?

    Even if you have been unsuccessful with contact lenses in the past or if you have been told by an optician that contact lenses would not be suitable for your prescription we may still be able to help in finding a contact lens solution for you.

    Contact lens technology is continually advancing meaning that Dry eye sufferers may find a new more comfortable contact lens than they have tried in the past.  Or someone with high astigmatism may be able to find a contact lens prescription that was not previously available.

    Our close working relationship with Alcon & Coopervision representatives means that our optometrists are kept up to date with the latest contact lens developments so that we can source lenses specifically tailored to patient’s lifestyle requirements.


  • But I can’t wear contact lenses as I need glasses for

    both distance & near vision?

    From the age of about 45-50 most people will notice their ability to focus on close print becomes increasingly difficult. This is a normal age related change which usually results in the need for reading glasses. Contact lens wearers may also need to put reading glasses on over their contact lenses to see this small print clearly.


    There are 2 main options for contact lens wearers if they would prefer not to wear reading glasses.

    1. Monovision – This involves using contact lenses to correct the vision in one eye for distance & the vision in the other eye for near. It can be surprisingly effective especially for lower reading prescriptions.

    2. Multifocal contact lenses – these lenses aim to simultaneously focus light for both distance & near in each eye.


    Both of these options involve some degree of compromise in vision & generally a short period of adaptation is necessary. However for patients who want the convenience from carrying a pair of reading glasses around everywhere then it can be an effective solution.


  • iComplete Care Plan

    We offer our contact lens patients the option of joining our direct debit care plan. Our iComplete care plan gives you a range of benefits and discounts, and allows you to spread the cost of your eye care and contact lenses over the year.


     It is the most convenient way to pay for your lenses as they are automatically delivered to our practice, or your home address, every 3 months without you having to pick up the phone & order them.


    Our iComplete Care plan has the following benefits:

    • Free Advanced Eye Examination worth £45 (usually once every 2 years).

    • All contact lens aftercare appointments are included.

    • Unscheduled emergency appointments are included.

    • Up to 2 pairs of replacement disposable lenses in the event of loss or damage (Soft lenses).

    • Free home delivery on soft contact lenses

    • Significant 20% discount on RGP (HARD) contact lenses

    • 30% off lost or damaged RGP lenses (within 1 year of original lens purchase).

    • Free trial of new designs, materials or lens upgrades.

    • 15% off spectacle & sunglass purchases.

    • 10% off all contact lens solutions.


    Should you prefer not to join our direct debit scheme, contact lenses are available to purchase on a Pay-as-you-go basis. Please note, however, that contact lens aftercares and eye examination fees are not included in the pay as you go price and are charged separately.

  • Types of contact lenses we offer

    We offer contact lenses to suit the vast majority of prescriptions including:


    Soft daily disposable

    Soft monthly disposable

    Daily & monthly toric lenses (for astigmatism)

    Multifocal daily & monthly lenses

    We can also do Monovision where we correct one eye for distance & one for reading

    RGP lenses

    RGP torics





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